This section contains important information on points requiring special attention when installing seals. Helpful tips and rules for installing seals successfully are given in the section Installation tips & installation spaces


What do I have to pay attention to before installing a seal element?

  • Check the installation spaces. Look out for score marks, etc.
  • Keep the installation spaces clean. Rust, paint chips, metal cuttings, dirt, etc.
  • No sharp edges. Trim sharp edges
  • Avoid scored rod and cylinder treads. Lengthwise scores can lead to massive leakage and even to the failure of the cylinder
  • Keep your work area clean!
  • Use suitable installation tools Assembly pliers, etc. Pointed and sharp tools destroy your seal!!!
  • Assembly cone Mostly for S9 and K8
  • Calibrating sleeves Mostly for S9 and K8
  • Fitting pane


What do I have to pay attention to while assembling a cylinder?

  • If possible, all parts should be lubricated with suitable lubricants. The better the assembly grease, the longer the lifespan of the cylinder.

  • Sharp edges are to be avoided.
    Avoid sharp edges at lead-in chamfers, Abs├Ątzen and at the piston boss.
  • The cylinder must be ventilated.