Custom flat gasket fabrication - Precision-Cut flat gasket

Custom-made flat gasket: As an experienced partner in the sealing sector, Kofler - Dichtungen offers made-to-order manufacturing ranging from single pieces to large-scale series. Below are examples of gasket types for custom-made flat gaskets.

* Manufacturing according to CAD drawing
* Manufacturing according to a sample

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Boiler seals

Specifically for this area, Kofler - Dichtungen offers a "just in time" solution. After scheduling an appointment over the phone, you can expect your new flat gasket for your boiler seal ASAP to be delivered.

Paper seals

Flat gaskets made of paper in all common materials and thicknesses in any form. Especially for areas such as classic cars, old-timers etc.

Cork Gaskets

Kofler - Dichtungen manufactures flat gaskets made of rubber cork in any shape in the usual thicknesses for you.

Cylinder head gaskets

Exclusively for the classic car sector. Top quality cylinder head gaskets specially made for you for each model. Requests only if they are classic cars, we cannot process other requests. 

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