Special seals - made-to-measure seals

Special seals have considerable advantages over standard seals - we are experts in tailor-made seals and can implement your individual ideas quickly and with high quality. For many industrial companies, unexpected plant shutdowns are a major burden. 

Orders can no longer be fulfilled on time, while the operating costs continue to be incurred to a large extent. Such capacity failures are often due to defective seals with long delivery times. In our service sector such as turbine construction, hydroelectric power plants, pharmaceutical industry and much more, we can convince with our special seals.

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You can quickly solve such problems with the services of Kofler - Dichtungen and avoid them in the future. Kofler - Dichtungen offers individual, application-oriented solutions for special seals, large seals, and custom-made seals. Custom-made products from high-performance elastomers, crafted to Kofler quality standards, often have a longer lifespan than the original manufacturer's components. We provide advice and address your individual needs.

For applications in the pharmaceutical or food industry, Kofler - Dichtungen offers custom seals made from materials with food-grade certification.

Kofler - Dichtungen takes pride in its long-standing customers from various industries, including the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, energy technology, and mechanical engineering.

Special seals according to customer requirements

Best quality, highest reliability, fastest delivery times - your special seal according to individual requirements. The experience of over 30 years enables us at Kofler - Dichtungen to meet these criteria. We have been able to count numerous industrial companies in Tyrol and around the world among our regular customers for many years.

We supply individual solutions for small and large seals made of a variety of materials and meet your requirements through a mould-free manufacturing process. This makes it possible for us to produce custom seals, as well as virtually any profile for your hydraulic seal or pneumatic systems. Through precise measurements and precise planning, we can reproduce original components in the best quality. 

The service portfolio of Kofler - Dichtungen is therefore ideally suited for prototype construction as well as for small series. Our wealth of experience allows the rapid individual production of elastomer seals and leads to short delivery times in order to minimise the downtime of your systems.


Buy special seals online

Do you require a particularly special seal for your project? Has your system come to a halt due to a seal defect? Utilize seals from Kofler - Dichtungen to pick up a new, top-quality custom seal within a few days, depending on the seal and your location.

For the Kofler - Dichtungen sealing service, we need a drawing of your seal, ideally a technical drawing, but a sketch showing the metal parts of the cylinder or the measurements of an already worn-out seal are often sufficient. Please inform us about the requirements for your seal: does it need to withstand contact with acids, bases, gases, aggressive fluids, ozone, water (steam)? Is resistance to chemicals or fuel necessary? At which pressures and temperature ranges will the seal be deployed?

Choosing the right materials can be complex, leading to uncertainty among customers – our sealing experts at Kofler - Dichtungen are happy to conduct a consultation and work with you to create a tailored solution for your special seal.

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We perform best under pressure! Personalized advice for the highest demands and a fast delivery guarantee ensure your satisfaction. Contact our sealing experts.

We look forward to your inquiry."

What types of special seals can you order?

Kofler - Dichtungen has been offering its customers in the processing, mechanical, and plant engineering, and food industries a versatile and high-quality product portfolio of seals for years. Our range includes many types of seals: flat seals, standard profiles, seal sets, large seals, (Simmerring seals), mechanical seals, vulcanized mold parts, PU casting and mold parts, as well as plastic turning and milling parts and much more. However, we do not offer window seals. We have extensive experience in processing a multitude of high-performance materials such as PU, HPU, NBR seals, PTFE seals, EPDM seals, MVQ silicone, POM, PEEK. Additionally, we specialize in the manufacture of custom seals. You only need to provide us with a drawing or the applicable standard, and we can produce a special seal profile or flat seal for you. Our long-standing customers are well aware that our commitment to high quality standards often leads to a significant increase in maintenance intervals compared to the original sealing kits provided by manufacturers.


Purchase custom-made flat gasket

At Kofler - Dichtungen, we rely on experienced employees and state-of-the-art technologies such as waterjet cutting technology and plotter technology to produce our custom-made flat seals. This allows us to offer our customers the best quality with the highest flexibility.

Our expertise lies in the development and rapid production of flat gaskets as custom-made products with complicated geometry made of a wide variety of materials. Of course, we also offer the production of standard flat seals in large quantities as stamped parts.

The sealing experts at Kofler - Dichtungen will be happy to support you in developing an individual solution. We only need a drawing or sketch and information about the area of application in order to be able to advise you competently about your options.

Our customers always rely on the usual Kofler quality – at absolutely competitive prices. Buy your custom flat gasket online.


Special seal made of graphite - individual production

For many years, Kofler - Dichtungen has been a customised manufacturer and dealer in the field of graphite seals. The flat gasket made of graphite from Kofler - Dichtungen are mainly used in the high-temperature range and in gas technology, primarily in the areas of ventilation and air conditioning technology.

As materials for our flat graphite seals, we prefer to use Novaphit from Frenzelit, but of course we also use other materials depending on the application and customer requirements. Kofler - Dichtungen manufactures flat gaskets from pure graphite, but also with spiked sheet metal, plug-in metal and smooth sheet metal inserts.

Our modern manufacturing processes allow us to provide fast and high-quality solutions in the field of graphite-based sealing technology. Kofler - Dichtungen offers its customers customised graphite seals in all shapes, sizes and quantities at absolutely competitive prices.


Made-to-measure standard profiles

The scope of Kofler - Dichtungen also includes many standard profiles made to measure from a range of materials for use in hydraulics and pneumatics, e.g. for piston seals, rod seals, guide rings, O-rings and scrapers and wipers.

Thanks to our many years of expertise, we can respond individually to your customer requirements in the production of such special seals.

Our experience shows that our seals are better and more durable than the original ones from the manufacturers.

Would you like to convert your standard seal into a high-performance special seal? Then get in touch with us. 


Seal kit development and custom manufacturing

A sealing set consists of several sealing elements that are matched to each other and can consist of different materials.

This results in high-performance sealing solutions for applications in demanding industrial sectors such as heavy industry, the chemical industry, the food industry and the manufacture of construction machinery. Our sealing sets are used in automation, mining, the timber industry, mining and energy technology.

We at Kofler - Dichtungen are experts in the individual development and timely production of complete sealing sets. We are at your side during the design and enable the custom production of your hydraulic cylinder seal.


Manufacturing of custom large seals

Kofler - Dichtungen has been supplying satisfied customers in the industry for many years. Large systems are used here that require appropriately dimensioned large seals. Our experience enables us to manufacture tailor-made large seals that are used, for example, in heavy industry, energy technology, petrochemicals and turbine construction.

We offer individually manufactured large seals up to 2,500 mm (98,42 in) in metric and imperial dimensions. We process modern materials such as elastomers with high performance. Thanks to our own production facilities, we are flexible in the selection of materials and, of course, respond to your customer wishes. Thanks to our many years of experience with large seals, we can provide you with competent advice on the selection of materials.


Custom mechanical seals

We offer our customers customized manufacturing of mechanical seals. Our expertise also enables us to repair mechanical seals. This represents a smart and cost-effective alternative to new production, especially for large seals.

We examine and evaluate your damaged or defective component and, depending on its condition, can advise you regarding a repair. If a repair is no longer feasible, you will receive a newly fabricated mechanical seal.

At Kofler - Dichtung, we are capable of refurbishing or replacing virtually any mechanical seal, often with quality surpassing that of the original seal.


Materials and elastomers for custom seals

When manufacturing custom-made seals, we at Kofler - Dichtungen respond individually to the requirements of our customers. This applies in particular to the selection of a suitable elastomer material.

Our satisfied industrial customers need high-performance seals that meet high demands. These are, for example, very low and very high temperatures, sometimes even at high pressures. Industrial seals regularly come into contact with gases and aggressive liquids such as hydraulic media, acids, alkalis and fuels. Some seals are subjected to high mechanical loads and must withstand friction and wear and still seal.

The modern in-house production facilities enable us at Kofler - Dichtungen to process the necessary materials for all areas. We offer custom-made rubber seals made of elastomers such as EPDM, silicone / MVQ, NBR and thermoplastics such as PTFE /Teflon and composites. We manufacture custom-made flat gaskets from a variety of materials such as pure graphite, graphite with a metal insert or foam rubber.

Kofler - Dichtungen supplies individual solutions for these requirement profiles and offers many years of experience and expertise in the field of material selection for industrial applications. Our special seals are also supplied with an article number. You can request your individual seal in our forms.

Special seals made of high-performance elastomer

With Kofler - Dichtungen, you have a partner who is always on the cutting edge. We process state-of-the-art materials that meet the highest standards.

Examples of high-performance elastomers used in Kofler - Dichtungen:


Food-Grade Seals

Food-safe seals are particularly needed for the food industry. In addition, we manufacture seals for the pharmaceutical and food industries from high-temperature NBR, low-temperature PU, as well as Viton, PU, PTFE and EPDM with FDA certification.

Custom PTFE seals

PTFE (Teflon) is a versatile material that impresses above all with its chemical resistance and health safety. These properties often make it the material of choice when food approval and FDA compliance are required.

Kofler - Dichtungen offers custom-made PTFE seals and, on customer request, uses PTFE in a quality with food approval. These are especially suitable for the pharmaceutical and food industries.


Special seals manufacturer - Kofler - Dichtungen

Trust is the key to a productive business relationship. But you have to earn trust. As a manufacturer of custom-made seals, we at Kofler - Dichtungen earned the trust of numerous partners in the industry 30 years ago and continuously rely on:

  • Latest technology
  • Competence
  • Quality
  • Flexible delivery time

At Kofler - Dichtungen, we rely on the latest technology, modern processing methods such as water jet technology for cutting sealing elements.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of sealing technology, Kofler - Dichtungen is a competent partner in all matters, from the development of special seals to production.

Our understanding of quality begins with the purchase of the best raw materials, extends to conscientious and competent processing, right up to quality testing before delivery to our customers.

For our industrial customers, time is money. That is why we guarantee short production and delivery times.

Thanks to our modern production facilities at Kofler - Dichtungen, we can carry out the most efficient process for every application and offer fair prices: from the individual production of a large seal to large series of stamped parts. In the online shop, you can register as a customer and add your seals to the shopping cart. You will see prices incl. or excl. VAT and excl. shipping costs. Our opening hours are from Mon-Thu, but you can also reach us by phone from Mon-Fri.

Special seals for your individual application

Filling systems in the pharmaceutical and food industries must meet the highest requirements. Not only do legal requirements have to be met, the company's internal requirements are often much stricter. Seals not only prevent the leakage of goods, but also protect the product from the entry of contaminants and facilitate compliance with hygiene requirements through easy-to-clean surfaces.

In addition, such seals must be made of abrasion-resistant and food-compliant materials and have FDA or food approval.

Kofler - Dichtungen has been working with customers from the region in the pharmaceutical and food industries for many years and thus has a wealth of experience in these sectors.


Large seals as custom-made products for energy technology

Seals for energy technology and turbine construction must withstand extreme conditions: high temperatures, high pressures, high speeds. In such complex systems, a large number of different large seals are required. In addition, maintenance intervals must be kept as long as possible – these customers attach particular importance to the quality and long service life of their seals.

Here, Kofler - Dichtungen have long been able to convince many customers through the flexibility of modern sealing technology and the best quality of custom-made products.


Special seals for the metal industry

The metal industry places high demands on machines and equipment. Seals in rolling bearings and hydraulic systems must withstand high mechanical loads at high ambient temperatures.

If seals are damaged here, there are expected capacity failures, which are associated with high costs. This industry relies on the highest quality, long service life and fast delivery times. In addition to standard seals, special seals and large seals are often in demand.

Kofler - Dichtungen is the ideal partner in terms of sealing technology with its product portfolio.


Seals for mechanical engineering

In mechanical engineering and plant engineering, innovative customised solutions are often in demand. We at Kofler - Dichtungen offer many years of expertise and high flexibility in solving such problems.

We can advise our customers in detail on the selection of seals and the optimal material. Many customers replace original seal kits from the plant manufacturers with seals from Kofler - Dichtungen in order to obtain better quality and thus longer service life.

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