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A seal set or gasket set comprises several seals that work together and are synchronized with each other. Seal sets for the industry must be delivered promptly and maintain the highest quality. At Kofler - Dichtungen, we specialize in the development and production of complete seal sets and gasket sets consisting of various seals or gaskets. 

We can draw upon existing standard seals to assemble a custom set of hydraulic seals, or manufacture entirely bespoke gasket sets for your specific application and industry. The seal sets are available in all metric and inch sizes. We can also provide different seal materials and substances to meet the unique challenges presented.

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Sealing set and gasket sets for cylinders - All applications and industries

As a manufacturer of seals, we provide cylinder seal kits for a broad range of applications across various sectors. These kits cater to numerous industries, including automation, heavy industry, chemical industry, and the food industry, as well as construction machinery sectors like hydraulic excavators, cranes, and dump trucks, mining, and also energy technology and turbine manufacturing. Kofler - Dichtungen has established a strong reputation in the wood industry as well. The most diverse machines, from wide belt sanders and chipboard presses to excavator grabs, rely on our seals and seal kits. We excel by delivering the highest quality, prompt delivery, and customized solutions tailored to your specific application areas and requirements


Sealing set - areas of application for sealing sets:

Here you will find some of the versatile areas of application for sealing sets.


Order seal kit for hydraulic seals

Seal kits for hydraulic seals are utilized for numerous hydraulic applications. These hydraulic cylinder seals often need to withstand extremely high temperatures and pressure demands. In addition, they are resistant to aggressive substances.

At Kofler - Dichtungen, we provide standard seal kits for hydraulic seals and applications. Moreover, we develop and manufacture hydraulic cylinder seal kits tailored to your demanding application area and environmental conditions. You can order your hydraulic cylinder seal kit from us!


Hydraulic seals and their applications:

  • Seal kits for excavators, hydraulic excavators, large hydraulic excavators
  • Seal kits for dumpers, bulldozers (dozers, bulldozers, chain dozers), rollers
  • Seal kits for tractors (front loaders), tilt rotators, slurry and fertilizer spreaders, seeding and harvesting machines, combine harvesters, ploughs, and planting machines
  • Seal kits for hydraulic turbines, Pelton turbines, Francis turbines, Kaplan turbines, propeller turbines
  • Seal kits for bottling lines, hydraulic presses, injection molding
  • Seal kits for boom lifts, bucket cylinders, control blocks, rotating unions

Seal Kit Assembly Instructions - Rod Seal for Hydraulic Cylinder Seals & Pneumatics

In this video you can see a seal set assembly instructions in which a rod seal is used. This assembly is often used in hydraulic cylinder seals and pneumatic applications.

Buy seal kits for hydraulic cylinders and spare parts online from the seal manufacturer:


Sealing kits and spare parts of all manufacturers of construction machinery

We supply spare parts and seal kits for hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors for all construction machinery manufacturers such as:

  • Seal kits for Liebherr
  • Seal kits for Caterpillar
  • Seal kits for JCB
  • Seal kits for Hyva
  • Seal kits for Manitou
  • Seal kits for Komatsu
  • Seal kits for Doosan
  • Seal kits for Zeppelin
  • Seal kits for Hitachi
  • Seal kits for Mecalac
  • Seal kits for Dieci

For this purpose, we either need the original samples or the corresponding metal parts.


Order seal kit online quickly

Do you need a seal solution immediately? Take advantage of our TURBO SERVICE! With Kofler TURBO SERVICE, customers can order the seal by phone and have it ready for pick-up or delivery in a short time. Call now!

Order a standard seal set or gasket set online

Our expertise in the sealing sector encompasses a variety of materials and profiles, tailored for different applications. We can provide seals in a standard format as well as customized special seals. You can easily order your seal set online.

Material and profile selection are conducted in coordination with the user for especially challenging operating conditions. We are also ready to assist you with the reproduction of your old seal sets.

Each seal set is assigned an item number, which you can determine if desired.


Seal kit development and production of special seals

We design complete seal kits customized to your specific needs and application requirements. Need a new sealing solution? Our extensive experience and expertise in seals and gaskets allow us to create special seals and entire seal kits. Seals for piston rods, shaft seals, single-acting seals, O-rings, and hydraulic seals are available for order, including item numbers and EAN. Together, we can craft seals for your applications that withstand the necessary pressure and conditions. Get in contact with us!

Seal sets made of selected materials and sealing materials

Learn all about sealing materials and our range of materials. Here are some of the most common materials for industries. 

  • NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber)
  • PU (Polyurethane)
  • PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
  • HPU
  • FPM - Viton®
  • FFKM
Dichtungen und Materialien in der Dichtungstechnik

Your supplier of the highest quality seals

The quality of our seals is always at the forefront of our priorities. A seal must be technically reliable and secure, distinguish itself through longevity, and acknowledge economic feasibility. With years of experience, competencies, and specialized knowledge, you can trust in our sealing expertise, assured that we devote our efforts to maximize the impactful performance of the small components produced by Kofler-Dichtungen. Upon request, we can activate our Turbo Service, enabling you to access the specific sealing set as swiftly as possible. We offer short delivery times, contingent on material availability. Our registered customers have the convenience of adding products to their cart and placing orders online. The invoice includes VAT, in addition to shipping costs, with prices presented both with and without VAT. We provide comprehensive consultation! Our team is available from Monday to Friday on business days. Please, feel encouraged to reach out to us via the contact form or by phone if you require customized seal sets. We're here to offer in-depth advice

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