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Seals and Gaskets for plant construction

Kofler - Dichtungen stands for innovation and durability alike. While we always try to develop the latest sealing solutions for your individual customer requirements, we also ensure that the quality remains at the highest level. 

We want to help you keep costs down, increase efficiency and avoid downtime. Kofler - Dichtungen supports your plant construction with innovative process technology and the necessary know-how. For us, it's all about the seal!

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Sealing technology in plant construction

Plants and Facilities, particularly hydraulic and pneumatic ones, pose significant challenges to seals, potentially leading to downtime and financial losses. As such, they demand exceptional expertise in seal technology and mechanics.

Furthermore, the seals used in plant engineering must cover a broad spectrum of applications. Hence, a dependable partner known for flexibility and precision is required.

Kofler - Dichtungen excels with years of experience in manufacturing and installing high-performance seals, fully meeting the sophisticated requirements of plant engineering in all aspects.

Sealing technology for plant construction

Maximize productivity and efficiency, eliminate loss

Similar to mechanical engineering, seals and gaskets are essential components in plant construction. Without them, neither completion nor commissioning of plants would be possible. 

Furthermore, the proper sealing of components can significantly enhance the productivity and efficiency of plants by deliberately preventing unnecessary interruptions, downtime, and financial losses.

Kofler - Dichtungen is actively committed to assisting you in this regard. Through the development of sustainable and high-performance sealing solutions, we enable our partners to optimize processes, reduce costs, and increase safety.

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Custom seals and gaskets or standard seals for your system

Kofler - Dichtungen is known for its innovative sealing technology. We can rely on a wide range of geometries and materials - from standard seals to custom gaskets to complex special seals. 

Needs and requests can be met in the shortest possible time thanks to years of expertise tailored to the customer's wishes, which also effectively minimizes your warehousing.

Regardless of which systems you build, be it punching or robotics systems, we have the sealing technology for every specific case!

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High-Quality Materials for Your Facility

In order to ensure the best possible efficiency and safety for your facility, Kofler - Dichtungen exclusively uses high-quality and industry-compliant materials.

  • PTFE
  • EPDM
  • Elastomer
  • PU, HPU, NBR, MVQ Silicone, POM, PEEK
Hochwertige Materialien Werkstoffe von Dichtungen für den Anlagenbau

Our products for your plant construction

Our products for plant construction range from custom seals, specifically tailored to your plant and your wishes, and special seals to standard seals and gaskets. We also offer the installation of complete sealing sets, specially designed for your hydraulic applications.

36 Years of experience

Quality for over 30 years! Continuous innovation and outstanding service are the foundation of our success, on which we rely as a family-run business.

39.576 Various seals and gaskets

The range of seals and gaskets we have in stock is enormous. Our production of individual seals of all sizes and different materials makes us the expert in sealing technology.

4.978 Customers Worldwide

We have been supplying industry leaders and specialists worldwide for over 30 years. Every day, new customers are added who rely on Kofler - Dichtungen Service.

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