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Flat Gasket Materials

Through years of cooperation with our partners, we have access to a diverse range of flat gasket materials and seals for almost every situation.

Whether for boiler seals, power plant seals, flat gaskets for the food or pharmaceutical industry or special seals - we have the right material for you.

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Sealing Technology - Materials for Almost Every Situation

Are you looking for a specific material for your flat gasket? Need help choosing the right material for your application? Then get in touch with us, we will be happy to advise you.



Particularly in the area of flat gaskets made of fibrous materials, which are utilized in various applications as flange gaskets and flat seals, there has been significant progress in recent years. The well-known asbestos seal has been prohibited for a long time, so we prefer to use aramid fiber materials from Frenzelit, but we also produce flat gaskets from other materials such as Klinger, Reinz, etc.

Graphite materials

Graphite flat gaskets are used in the high-temperature range and in gas technology. We manufacture graphite flat gaskets with spit sheet insert, expanded metal insert and smooth sheet insert, but also flat gaskets made of pure graphite. For these flat gaskets, we prefer to use Novaphit materials from Frenzelit, but can also use other graphite materials according to customer requirements.


Flat gaskets made of elastomers such as NBR/SBR, EPDM, FPM Viton, silicone, etc. are used in many areas from mechanical engineering to installers, power plants (GE Power) to the food industry. We can rely on a large stock of the most common materials for flat gaskets in our house.


Furthermore, we manufacture flat gaskets from the following and more materials:
gasket paper, Teflon, foamed materials, cardboard, PVC, foam rubber, mica material (up to 1,000°C / 1832°F), rubber cork.

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