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Energietechnik Ihr Spezialist im Bereich Dichtungen - Kofler - Dichtungen

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Chemieindustrie - Dichtungen von Kofler - Dichtungen

Seals for the industry - since 1988

Fascinated by pneumatics and hydraulics, Gernot Kofler founded the company Kofler - Dichtungen in 1988, with the aim of providing the best seals for Tyrolean industrial and construction companies. 
The quality of the Kofler seals and gaskets has also proven itself internationally. For example, Kofler - Dichtungen produces and supplies its products to international companies in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry and turbine construction as well as hydropower plants. See also the other industries

The passion of Kofler - Dichtungen for the "small parts with great effect" was so great at the time that the seals produced were immediately convincing on the market and still are today.

Kofler - Dichtungen Dichtsätze

A brand promise that extends beyond just seals

Years of experience combined with meticulous work and the courage to take on any challenge are the foundation of our expertise. 

Highly trained staff and a well-stocked raw material warehouse enable swift production of standard seals as well as special seals with precise geometry.

From trading finished products to manufacturing standard seal profiles, hydraulic seals, and custom flat seals, to developing high-tech seals for the most demanding needs, we meet nearly every customer request. Seal knowledge at the highest level.

Kofler - Dichtungen unser Markenversprechen

Our understanding of quality - your seal

We start each production with the aim of achieving the longest possible service life for the seal. "If the planning is right, the product is right," is our credo. Because only if the customer receives the right seal can a long service life be expected. This quality begins with the procurement of raw materials and semifinished products.

The selected semifinished product is processed by our CNC experts. The finished gasket undergoes several quality controls during the manufacturing process. Once the seal has been released, it leaves our company neatly packaged and accurately labelled towards the customer.

Kofler - Dichtungen und unser Qualitätsverständnis

36 Years of Experience

Quality for over 30 years! Continuous innovation and outstanding service are the foundation of our success, on which we rely as a family-run business.

39.576 Various seals and gaskets

The range of seals we have in stock is enormous. Our production of individual seals and gaskets of all sizes and different materials makes us the expert.

4.978 Customers Worldwide

We have been supplying industry leaders and specialists worldwide for over 30 years. Every day, new customers are added who rely on Kofler - Dichtungen Service.

Kontaktformular für Dichtungen

Get in touch with us!

We perform best under pressure! Personalized advice for the highest demands and a fast delivery guarantee ensure your satisfaction. Contact our sealing experts.

We look forward to your inquiry."

Interesting facts from sealing technology

Buying high-quality seals: Kofler - Dichtungen

Would you like to purchase a high-quality seal characterized by long durability and optimal product features? In our extensive range, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. We operate internationally as both a manufacturer and a distributor of seals. Our quality products are shipped from our headquarters in Tyrol, Austria, to the whole world. Our product range extends from standardized O-rings to custom-made special seals and made-to-measure seals for your specific applications – get in contact with us!

Over the course of our long-standing activity, we have continuously improved our offerings while always keeping in mind the high demands of our customers from industry and commerce. The portfolio available with us includes numerous variants of seals, ranging from flat gaskets and hydraulic seals to O-rings and shaft seals (rotary seals) to complete seal sets. We are also your competent contact point for individual manufacturing requests.

Also, see our knowledge section on seal technology, where you can find important information about sealing technology.


Buying the right Seal – In the Kofler Shop

We have made it our mission to meet every customer request with expertise, efficiency, and professionalism. Whether you need standard O-rings and rubber seals or want to have custom seal sets made for demanding and complex conditions – we ensure that you receive exactly the seals that best meet your needs.

We also offer large and hydraulic seals as well as special versions in high quality. You can purchase seals from us in various sizes and made of different materials. Our product selection includes versions made of polyurethane, Viton, or special sealing materials like PEEK. We also offer seals made of Teflon or those that can withstand high temperatures, upon request.


Buying Seals – Benefit from a great selection of profiles and models

Our product variants not only offer a high variety in terms of material, but you will also find every type of profile used in industry or commerce in our shop. You can purchase seals with an inner diameter from one millimeter to variations that have an outer diameter of 2,500 millimeters. In manufacturing our diverse products, we utilize our extensive know-how, which has been developed through years of experience.

Moreover, we aim to carry every type of seal in our shop while offering durable products and top performance. Thanks to a comprehensive inventory of trade goods—which houses shaft seals, piston seals, flat gaskets, lip and groove rings, dirt wipers, O-rings, piston seals, and many other products in quantities of several thousand—we ensure that we can deliver large orders promptly and efficiently and respond flexibly to customer requirements. Therefore, it is worthwhile to buy seals from us.


We Support You in Selecting Your Seal in Our Shop

In our operations, we place the highest value on good and collaborative customer relationships. Part of our quality understanding is to know your needs precisely and to offer you exactly the right products. Flexibility and speed are also among our self-imposed standards. To always provide you with the correct products, we work with various materials in our seal production across a temperature range from -260°C to 1,000°C (-436°F to 1832°F). We manufacture our items from a wide variety of raw materials. Processing special materials such as Kalrez, Aflas, or PEEK, as well as the production of metallic mechanical seals, shaped and milled parts, are also part of our performance portfolio.


Application Areas and Uses – Custom-Made Seals

In developing custom-made seals to meet our customers' specific requirements, we set particularly high standards for ourselves. Our main goal is to provide you with durable products that have the best material properties, enabling smooth workflows, a generally longer lifespan for machines, and extended maintenance intervals. Good planning is the starting point of our activities because it is essential for high-quality and requirement-compliant goods.

We analyze your needs in advance and then select the optimal raw material or semifinished product. The processing is carried out by a competent CNC professional. Only after strict final inspection, which takes place in our quality assurance, do we send the product on its way to you. As we possess extensive expertise and stock a large number of items, we can easily handle even short-notice requests. Is your production machine down, or is a seal needed for an excavator on a construction site, and you want to keep downtime as low as possible?


Find the right seal and gasket in Kofler’s Shop

In our manufacturing, moldless processes are standard, allowing us to produce seals with a wide range of diameters based on the requirements and applications. Our large material warehouse is stocked with an extensive amount of raw materials and profiles. In close coordination with our customers, we select the appropriate products and raw materials from which we manufacture their seals.

Our trade warehouse consistently holds between 20,000 and 30,000 dimensions of O-rings and shaft seals, which are stored in various versions. Other products in stock include seal kits, large seals and flat gaskets, and many other goods in standard sizes that we can flexibly access. The Kofler range is rounded off with support rings, rod seals, piston seals, guide rings, and bands, to name a few additional items. From standard profiles to seal kits, from special seals to vulcanized molded parts – you will receive the right workpiece with us. We also provide spare part assortments, which are usually indispensable in maintenance and service. These service boxes save you trips and time, thus enabling you to operate economically.


Buy Seals and Utilize Comprehensive Service

For all customers who need their new seal as quickly as possible: We can deliver directly to your factory or construction site. In addition, we provide you with diverse and useful information about the use, storage, and installation of our seals. We give you technical advice on how to properly perform tasks such as venting cylinders or installing and storing seals.


Years of Experience Pay Off: Buy Seals from the Experts

You buy seals from us in the exact specification that is best suited for your requirements and workflow. Our company has been operating in the market with high flexibility and the highest standards of quality since 1988. Do you need support in selecting products and require expert advice from our staff? Contact us – we are happy to help you find the right seal and answer all your questions comprehensively and competently.


Standard Seals and Custom-Made Special Seals - We Are Experts

At Kofler - Dichtungen, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality seals and the international distribution of merchandise, standard seals, and custom-made special seals. Thanks to our own seal production and our extensive merchandise warehouse, we are absolutely flexible and offer you a wide and deep range of seals.

Seal Supplier and Manufacturer

Seal technology in the industry - whether it's pneumatic seals, hydraulic seals, standard seals, or custom-made special seals, we are your expert. As a seal supplier and manufacturer, we have been successfully active for many years in the following areas and industries:

  • Seals for industry
  • Special and standard seals for mechanical engineering
  • Seal rubber and special seals for the construction industry
  • Seals for the wood industry
  • Special and standard seals in vehicle construction
  • Seals for transportation
  • Seals for agricultural and municipal technology
  • Seals in the field of energy technology
  • Large seals and special seals for mining and tunnel construction

We fulfill every customer request, whether it's O-rings or a rubber seal in standard execution, individual seal sets for demanding conditions, large seals, hydraulic seals, or individual special seals. We offer standard seals in various materials and sizes.


Custom-Made Special Seals - Custom Fabrication of Seals According to Customer Wishes

Custom-made special seals from our own seal production in Austria. Thanks to moldless production processes (such as water jet cutting technology), we can manufacture seals with an inner diameter of 1 mm (0,039 in) up to large seals with an outer diameter of 2,500 mm (98,42 in).

From our extensive material warehouse, we select the appropriate raw material and the respective profile in consultation with the customer, depending on the application area of the seals. This allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to the needs of each individual customer.

Special Seals from Different Materials

To be able to supply the right product for every need and application, our seal production offers different materials in a temperature range from -260 °C to 1,000 °C (-436°F to 1832°F).

These include:

  • Seals made of polyurethane
  • Custom seals made of NBR
  • Special seals made of EPDM
  • Standard seals made of silicone
  • Custom-made special seals made of Viton
  • Seals made of PTFE (pure and filled)

We also manufacture seals from high-temperature NBR, low-temperature PU, and Viton, PU, and EPDM with FDA certification.

On request, we are also happy to process special materials such as PEEK, Kalrez, Aflas, etc. Products such as springs, molded parts, milled parts, and metallic mechanical seals perfectly round off our assortment. See for yourself and put us to the test with your inquiry!

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