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Tiroler Dichtungen - internationalLY ACCLAIMED

Kofler Dichtungen

With a high degree of flexibility, unrivalled superior standards and a pioneering spirit, we have gained international recognition as a dealer and manufacturer of seals. Our seals have been leaving our factory in Mils in Tyrol, Austria, and delivered to destinations around the world for industrial and skilled trade applications since 1988.
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Quality & Service

Our test standards

To ensure the long-term reliability of our products, we subject our seals to regular, stringent tests in compliance with conventional sealing technology standards - from the raw materials through to the finished product and commercial goods.

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Experience permits flexibility

Our comprehensive experience in, for example, the production of seals used in needle nozzles, through to large seals for industrial presses, enables us to react quickly to the needs of our customers and minimise downtimes caused by damaged seals.

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Kofler-Dichtungen is based in Austria and operates in the seal manufacturing sector. Its product portfolio ranges from O-rings to hydraulic seals, sealing sets, large seals and special seals. Thanks to its excellent trade connections, the company is able to supply every kind of seal.

Kofler-Dichtungen was founded in 1988 and has made an outstanding name for itself in the sealing set, rubber seal and other standard seal business. Our satisfied customers of hydraulic seals, O-rings and sealing sets come from a wide range of sectors. Industrial companies, especially those from the food and pharmaceutical industries, are our primary customers and require seals for filling systems, pneumatic seals and large seals. Kofler-Dichtungen seals, including cylinder gaskets, sealing sets and hydraulic seals, are essential components for companies operating in the mechanical engineering and automotive sectors. Furthermore, rubber seals, lip and piston seals are required in mining, crane technology as well as in many other fields.