Uncompromising hygiene and safety

Seals and gaskets for the food industry

Seals and gaskets in the food and beverage industry face stringent requirements. They must not only exhibit a high level of media resistance and a wide temperature range. They must also comply with strict hygiene regulations and meet the standards of the FDA and EU1935/2004.

Kofler - Dichtungen is your partner for demanding sectors! We support you with years of expertise, quality products, and the highest hygienic standards - we have the right seal for you.

Dichtungen für die Lebensmittelindustrie

Seals for Food Technology

Inadequate or defective seals and gaskets can lead to downtime, recalls and massive financial losses in the millions.

We at Kofler - Dichtungen know: Different products require different seals - be it in food production or the beverage industry.

Depending on which product is manufactured, specific demands are made on seals. In addition, during processing and in particular during cleaning, high temperatures sometimes occur and dead spaces must be strictly avoided in order to prevent the spread of microorganisms. Kofler - Dichtungen is your reliable partner in any case!

Sealing technology for the food industry

We guide you towards safe production

In order to be able to guarantee the quality and purity of the products, Kofler - Dichtungen has set itself the task of producing seals in food quality. In this way, we help our customers to a safe process and contamination-free products. Any production defects and downtimes can be avoided and losses prevented.

Kofler - Dichtungen develops its seals strictly according to the specifications of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This provides precise guidelines for the use of materials that come into contact with food. 

In this way, a completely hygienic sealing technology that meets the high demands of food processing can be guaranteed.

Sichere Produktion von Dichtungen für die Lebensmittelindustrie

Hygienic Sealing Solutions

When using seals in the food sector, it is imperative that they exhibit chemical resistance to cleaning processes (such as CIP cleaning methods) and sterilization. Just like in the pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage industry must comply with specific standards and any applicable approvals. Sealing materials of food-grade quality must meet the standards set by the Food and Drug Administration as well as those of EU1935/2004, USP Class VI, 3A Sanitary, NSF, and BFR. Kofler - Dichtungen manufactures all seals in accordance with these industries stringent requirements, strictly adhering to the standards for purity levels and hygienic design principles.

Hygienische Dichtungs-Lösungen in der Lebensmittel Industrie

Safe food-grade materials

Kofler - Dichtungen works with a broad spectrum of various high-end sealing materials, specifically designed for the food industry and possessing industry-specific approvals. The materials utilized include:

  • Elastomeric materials
  • FFKM materials
  • Silicone
  • Rubber
  • NBR, HNBR, EPDM, Silicone, FPM (FKM), PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), EPTFE, MVQ, FEP
Sichere Materialien und Elastomere für die Lebensmittelherstellung - Dichtung

Our range for the food industry

Our range of industrial seals include special seals and gaskets, custom seals, as well as standard seals. Our seals are manufactured of the highest quality and guarantee longer maintenance intervals. For the food and beverage industry, we offer the following seals:

  • PTFE gaskets
  • Elastomer seals
  • O-rings
  • Flat gaskets
  • Radial shaft seals
Sortiment Dichtungsmaterial und Werkstoffe für die Lebensmittelindustrie

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