Standard Seals - Range for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals

The seal as a standard seal is utilized in various sectors within the industry, including hydraulics and pneumatics. Kofler - Dichtungen offers an extensive assortment of high-quality standard seals (hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals) for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

You will find further details about our sealing solutions below.

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Standard seals from Kofler - seals at a glance

These standard seals are readily available from Kofler - Dichtungen.

Included in the range are scrapers designed to prevent the entry of dirt and other particles into respective hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Additionally, you will find guide rings and support rings in our assortment.

Also available are products for rod sealing, piston sealing, and rotary sealing, shaft seals, as well as O-ring products.


Standard Seals in various materials and sizes

All standard seals are available in various materials and sizes, ranging from 4 mm to 2,500 mm (0,157 in to 98,42 in). This enables us to offer you the suitable solution for every application and need. Feel free to find out more about our most common standard seals below.

All seals are described in text and illustrated with technical drawings, providing you with a precise understanding of the respective product.

In the wholesale trade for seals, we at Kofler - Dichtungen have also specialized in industrial seals.

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