Kolbendichtungen für Hydraulik

Piston seals for hydraulics

A hydraulic piston seal is a type of seal that is mainly used in hydraulic cylinders and therefore functions as a hydraulic seal. The purpose of a piston seal is to prevent the penetration of liquids or gases into the cylinder and the escape of liquids from the cylinder.

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Piston seal as hydraulic seals

A piston seal for hydraulics consists of an elastic sealing ring located on the piston. The sealing ring is designed in such a way that it forms a tight barrier against the escape of liquids when the piston is moved within the cylinder. Piston seals are mainly used in hydraulic systems where the pressure is lower. 

Kofler - Dichtungen offers a wide range of piston seals for use in hydraulics. Our gaskets are available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet your specific needs, from standard polyurethane to bespoke rubber compounds. We offer hydraulic piston seals made of various materials, including NBR, FKM and silicone, depending on the requirements of the application.

A properly functioning piston seal for hydraulic applications is important for the efficiency and performance of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems. A leaking piston seal can lead to leaks and losses of liquid, which can lead to a reduction in performance and possible damage to the cylinder or an entire system.

Areas of application of piston seals for hydraulics

Hydraulic piston seals are utilized in a wide array of applications where a seal between a moving and a stationary component is necessary. Here are a few examples:

  • Hydraulic systems in machinery and plants
  • Construction and agricultural machines such as excavators, dump trucks, or tractors
  • Mobile and stationary compressors
  • Industrial and processing pumps
  • Offshore and maritime applications
  • In mining as well as tunnel construction
Anwendungsgebiete von Kolbendichtungen für Hydraulik

Sealing materials for hydraulic piston seals

There are different sealing materials that can be used for hydraulic seals, depending on the requirements of the application and the conditions under which they work. Here are some of the most common materials:

It is important that the right sealing material is selected to ensure durability and high performance.

Dichtungsmaterialien für hydraulische Kolbendichtungen

What types of piston seals for hydraulic seals are available?

For hydraulic seals, there are different piston seals that prevent the leakage of liquids. Here are the most important ones:  

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Piston seals for hydraulics - available profiles:

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