Einfachwirkende Kolbendichtungen für Hydraulik

Double-acting piston seals for hydraulics

A double-acting hydraulic piston seal is a type of seal primarily used in hydraulic cylinders. The purpose of a double-acting piston seal as a hydraulic seal is to prevent the intrusion of fluids or gases into the cylinder and to stop fluids from leaking out of the hydraulic cylinder.

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Double-acting piston seal as a hydraulic seal

The distinction between a double-acting seal and a single-acting piston seal for hydraulic systems lies in the simplicity of the single-acting seal's design. As a result, it is less expensive but not as suitable for very high pressures or for handling high and especially rapid mechanical stresses. Double-acting seals, on the other hand, are recommended for situations involving high pressure and mechanical stresses such as abrasion, and speed/movement.

A hydraulic double-acting piston seal comprises an elastic seal ring positioned on the piston. This seal ring is engineered to create a tight barrier against fluid leakage as the piston moves within the cylinder. Depending on their intended application, piston seals can be crafted from various materials, including NBR, FKM, and silicone.

For hydraulic applications, a functionally reliable, double-acting piston seal is crucial for the efficiency and performance of hydraulic cylinders and systems. A faulty piston seal can cause fluid leaks and losses, leading to decreased performance and potentially damaging the cylinder or the entire assembly.

Areas of application of double-acting piston seals for hydraulics

Hydraulic piston seals (double acting) are used in a variety of applications where a seal is required between a movable and a fixed component.

Here are some examples:

  • Hydraulic systems in machines and plants
  • Construction and agricultural machinery such as excavators, dump trucks or tractors
  • Mobile and stationary compressors
  • Industrial and process pumps
  • Offshore and marine applications
  • In mining as well as in tunnelling
Anwendungsgebiete von doppeltwirkenden Kolbendichtungen für Hydraulik

Sealing Materials for Double Acting Hydraulic Piston Seals

There are various sealing materials suitable for double-acting hydraulic seals, depending on the application requirements and the operational conditions. 

The following are some of the most commonly used materials:

Selecting the appropriate sealing material is crucial for ensuring long-term durability and high performance.


Double-acting piston seals for hydraulics - available profiles:

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