Innovative in Mechanical Engineering

Seals for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is characterised by innovation. Innovation from large to small.

Kofler - Dichtungen supports you in the development of seals "small parts with great effect" with its years of consolidated know-how and offers you a variety of innovative, high-quality sealing systems.

Dichtungen im Maschinenbau von Kofler - Dichtungen
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Sealing solutions for mechanical engineering

Proper sealing and solidity are of the highest priority for industries such as plant construction and mechanical engineering, since the possible penetration of dirt or dust into the installation space can lead to serious damage to the components.

We guarantee the highest quality, functionality and selected sealing elements and sealing material for our seals and gaskets. This allows you to have faster and more resilient machines that are stable, leak-free and efficient in the long term.

Our seals are essential machine elements that guarantee maximum sealing and can withstand high pressure.

Sealing technology for mechanical engineering

Greater safety through precision

High-quality seals help systems run efficiently and effectively. They ensure a clean process and can minimize creeping damage due to wear.

Kofler - Dichtungen operates with utmost precision, thereby enhancing safety within your company.

The superior sealing performance of Kofler - Dichtungen can prevent leaks, significantly reducing the risk of machine failures and downtime.

Maschinenbau, Sicherheit und Präzision von Dichtungen

Tailor-made and series production

Since its founding, the development of new sealing elements and systems for mechanical engineering, tool making, and prototype construction has been a core competency of Kofler - Dichtungen. From the development phase to series production, Kofler - Dichtungen supports its customers with the aim of extending maintenance intervals to prevent frequent downtimes.

With innovative sealing technology, we design and manufacture custom seals and gaskets for every application and sealing surface, tailored to your individual needs and machines. It is also possible to acquire seals from our series production. Kofler - Dichtungen assists you in all matters!

Maschinenbau - Dichtung als Maßanfertigung und Serienproduktion

Qualitative materials

Kofler - Dichtungen thrives on maximum quality for all its customers and projects, including the materials used. Only modern and stable materials are used, such as:

  • Elastomeric materials
  • Silicone
  • Stainless steel
  • NBR, EPDM, silicone, FPM (FKM), PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), EPTFE, MVQ
Maschinenbau und die Qualität der Werkstoffe und Elastomere

Our range for your machines

Our range of industrial seals and gaskets for mechanical engineering includes custom seals, special seals and standard seals, including static seals and dynamic seals. 

Our seals offer a high level of protection and guarantee longer maintenance intervals. Possible seals are: 

PTFE seals, profile seals, shaft seal (rotary seal, sealing ring), X-rings, support rings, soft material seals, metal seals (RTJ seals), flange seals (seal for flanges according to TALuft), plastic seals, lens seals, rubber steel seals, spiral seals, V-rings, sealing rings, grooved rings, shaft ring seals (corrugated ring seals, radial shaft seals, Simmerring seals), comb profile seals, hydraulic seals and much more.

36 Years of Experience

Quality for over 30 years! Continuous innovation and outstanding service are the foundation of our success, on which we rely as a family-run business.

39.576 Various seals and gaskets

The range of seals and gaskets we have in stock is enormous. Our production of individual seals of all sizes and different materials makes us the expert in the field of sealing technology.

4.978 Customers Worldwide

We have been supplying industry leaders and specialists worldwide for over 30 years. Every day, new customers are added who rely on Kofler - Dichtungen Service.

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We perform best under pressure! Personalized advice for the highest demands and a fast delivery guarantee ensure your satisfaction. Contact our sealing experts.

We look forward to your inquiry."

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